Track Host Datum Raum
Business Agility Di, 09.07.2019 Plenum
10:30 - 11:15

There is a lot of talk about how an enterprise shall be structured to achieve business agility: How can an organization look, that is able to sustainably delight customers in a profitable way?

Hierarchies are often seen as harmful. Self-organization and creating networks of people are seen as the holy grail. But apart from all the smart books, articles and blog posts about this, the question remains: how to accomplish this in an existing, very large enterprise?

In this talk I will share what I am doing trying to drive the change of a 15000 people, internationally distributed business unit at Ericsson, a 140-year-old telecom company. How to structure the organization to achieve better end-to-end collaboration, knowledge transport and idea exchange for better decision making and aligned execution? Can there be the one and only structure after all? As this is a very complex human system, I do not have a definite answer to these questions. But we have learnt a lot. I will talk about the journey we started 1 ½ years ago to explore and find our answers. I will share what we learnt, what insights we got, what potentially helpful approaches we found and how we are experimenting with parts of the organization.

Hendrik Esser
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Hendrik Esser works as manager special projects at Ericsson. He is continuously exploring and driving new ways to create better results and greater organizations.

He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in product development ranging from project- and project office management and technology management to being the COO of a large product development organization. On that journey he has led small (20 people) to very large (>7000 people), globally distributed organizations.

Starting with the agile transformation of one of Ericsson’s Software development units in 2008, Hendrik has become one of the drivers of Ericsson’s enterprise transition. Today he works as inhouse consultant driving the business agility transformation of one of Ericsson’s business areas with over 15000 people.

With his passion to drive transformations, creating organizations that enable companies coping with the complexity of todays business world, Hendrik is also an internationally active change driver and ambassador. He participates in several cross-industry exchange groups, collaborates with research projects, voluntarily works as program director for the Agile Alliance’s Supporting Agile Adoption initiative and is a frequent speaker at international Agile-, Project management- and HR conferences as well as company events.