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Taghi Paksima
improuv GmbH
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Taghi is a Lean/Agile Coach at improuv GmbH. He has been in software/IT industry for the past 18 years and brings a mixture of agile, technical and leadership experience supporting different companies, from fortune 100 organisations to start-ups. He takes joy and pride in helping organisations explore better ways of working. Taghi speaks at public events promoting a holistic yet pragmatic approach to product development.

Stuart Fish
improuv GmbH
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Stuart Fish ist Agiler Coach & Berater mit mehr als 20 Jahren Erfahrung im Management und in agilen Rollen in internationalen Unternehmen. Stuart unterstützt Teams, Product Owner und Organisationen auf ihrer Agilen Reise, vom Start-up bis zur Skalierung von Agil in Großunternehmen. Stuart ist SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) und Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC).

Stuart Fish ist Gesellschafter der improuv GmbH.

"I am an Agilist who loves working within both large Enterprises and start-ups, bringing deep experience to support you in adopting Agile thinking and practices that bring value to your business and the people who make that business a success."